Mei Le, fine art artist and photographer, lives and works in Berlin and Beijing. Mei’s art form includes installation, video, mix materials and performance art. His works have been exhibited at home and abroad, such as Art Basel Hongkong and Art Toronto. 

Meanwhile, Mei Le has been working as a professional photographer, and his talent in portrait shooting has been well recommended by artists and designers(such as Franck Gehry). He has collaborated with many well-known medias such as China Daily, ELLE, Esquire, etc. 

Since 2013, Mei began to attend to exhibition openings and fashion events wearing his red robe. His identical red robe has made him well recognised by such brands as Chanel, Dior, Jil Sander, UCCA etc. 


梅乐的艺术之路,经历商业与纯艺术的探索,以低调、冷静的姿态坚守自己的方向。因独特的艺术思维和工作方式,获国际著名设计师弗兰克·盖里(Franck Gehry)的认可和称赞。 

2013年起,梅乐穿戴红长袍出席众多展览开幕、品牌活动,包括Chanel、Dior、Jil Sander、UCCA等。红长袍已成为他显著的个人标志,并在艺术界、时尚界引起广泛关注。 

Solo Exhibition / Project 

2018         The 3th Macau International Lantern Festival, Macau
2018         CHURCH PLUS, ART23, Guangzhou
2017         The 18th OPEN International Performance Art Festival, Tianjin  
2017         Peach Blossom Land Darmstadt Bureau, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Germany  
2017         Peach Blossom Land Berlin Bureau, NON Berlin, Germany  
2017         Peach Blossom Land Warsaw Bureau, WIMCAA Foundation, Poland   
2016         Peach Blossom Land Beijing Bureau, Beijing
2015         Red Tent, Yang Art Museum, Beijing
2014         Celebrity, Suburb, Wuhan
2013         Gospel Plan, China
2013         The Last Supper, Beijing
2012         Pop Portrait, Sculpting In Time, Beijing

Group Exhibition / Fair 

2017         Planet 9, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Germany
2014         Art Basel, UCCA, Hongkong
2014         The Factory Project, Input Output, Hongkong
2013         Art Toronto, UCCA, Canada
2013         Summer In The City, Shanghai, China

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